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Making Contact with Your Local TV Station

Often people believe that you have to have a really BIG ISSUE or News story before you local TV news will be interested. This is not always the case because although Television News is often top heavy with bad news stories, there has to be a balance, even if that balance is heavily weighted in favour of bad news.

If you take the time to watch your local TV news you will see, on a daily basis, some good news and feel good news items being aired. What you will need to do is to think of a 'unique selling point' something that will make what you intend doing stand out. Something a TV news programme would want to include.

Before you contact them, remember the

When - and
Why - rules

People who record the news are ALWAYS busy and always heading towards a deadline.

TV news is again a visual form of the media and so anything you may want covered will have to be interesting visually. Clearing a piece of waste land for a good reason is visual. It could be so that the natural wildlife of that area can return to their natural habitat. This would provide a feel good human interest story and it is possible that a local TV news programme would cover this.

You can never be certain that anything which you feed to any part of the media is going to make it into print or on air. The Media will never give you an assurance that your story is going to be used or covered because making news is a very fluid area to work in. By that I mean a story could break at any moment which takes your issue right out of the frame. Remember 'Drop the Dead Donkey'? It really does happen like that!

However do not allow this to stop you from contacting these people. You can not build up a relationship with the Media over night it does take time. Thankfully at the moment we have that time - we need to use it well.

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