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Responding to the Guidelines Online: How to Save Your Response

If you are responding online to the Guidelines Consutlation, but are short on PC time, here's how to save your response to come back to it later:

1/ Go to the DCSF e-consultation HOME PAGE

2/ Click on the REGISTER page (left hand column near the end of the paragraph)

3/ Read the terms and conditions associated with registering

4/ Fill in the online form with name, email and password. Your name is a required field but complete accuracy is irrelevant, since you are only concerned with the email and password to enable you to log in to your own personal user account.

5/ Check the box that says you are 19 or over

6 / Check the box NONE when asked about notification for future consultations, on the basis that this is quicker and easier than going through the list at this point.

7/Click on SUBMIT

8/ Once your form is submitted you will receive an email with your password

9/ Return to the consultations HOME PAGE

10/ Click on CLICK HERE FOR LOG IN INSTRUCTIONS (top of left hand column)

11/ This will take you to a home made screen shot page

12/ Each time you want to add a little more to your consultation response, go to the HOME PAGE and enter your email and password in the box on the right hand side of the coloured band going across the top of the page.

13/ NB You must LOG IN from the HOME PAGE before you go to the Guidelines consultation page.

14/ Once you are logged in, go to the Guidelines consultation page and follow the walkthrough on the EO campaign site.

15/ If you are interrupted while completing the Guidelines response form, click SAVE at the foot of the page of the online response form. When you return to the consultation response, be sure to LOG IN from the HOME PAGE with your email and password, before going to the Guidelines Consultation web page.

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Home Education for Teenagers

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The DCSF thinks school is the best place for children.
Here at Education Otherwise Campaign Website,
we beg to differ

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