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Special Educational Needs and Home Education

Here are some links which the members of EO Government Policy Group hope you will find useful. As SEN issues are very complex and largely decided by case law we will be adding more links here. Please contact us with any more case law or other information relevant to this section of the Guidelines.

The 2001 SEN Code of Practice used by the DfES

Case law which demonstrates that parents don't have to provide the same specifications as set out in the statement

Hansard link to Baroness Ashton in the House of Lords October 2001: "The term "suitable arrangements" does not mean having to specify exact arrangements in the child's statement. "

"Special needs practice 'illegal' " (article)
A council has been told that the way it is treating children with more serious special educational needs is illegal.

"'I had to try to glue her back together' "(article)
State provision is letting down children with special needs - and parents who can't afford the former Education Secretary's luxury of opting out of it are stuck in a system that is woefully inadequate.

"This charming vision of inclusion isn't working"(article)
The inadequacies of special needs provision in mainstream schools leave vulnerable pupils bewildered and ignored

"Special needs education 'not fit' " (article)
The system of education for pupils with special needs in England is "not fit for purpose", MPs have said.

"School inclusion 'can be abuse' (article)"
Including children with special educational needs in mainstream classrooms can be "a form of abuse", a professor of education has said. John MacBeath of Cambridge University was commenting on a report he co-wrote for the National Union of Teachers.

It is not possible to understate the significance of any changes that the Government may make, through this Guidance, with relation to home education and parents who educate SEN children at home. Autism in Mind have kindly provided us with a detailed article on these issues, and it outlines clearly the concerns.

We are not asked questions about the SEN section in the consultation, Education Otherwise Disability Group have assisted EO Government Policy Group in formulating the official EO response and have also supplied some notes which address disability discrimination issues in the SEN section of the guidelines and elsewhere.

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Home Education for Teenagers

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The DCSF thinks school is the best place for children.
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