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Consultations 2008

  1. Flexible New Deal SSAC consultation November 2008

  2. Children at Risk of Not Receiving Suitable Education DCSF consultation October 2008
    Response to online questionnaire
    Cover letter accompanying consultation documents sent to DCSF
    Overview of EO consultation response
    Copy of letter about "fourfold foundation" of rights and responsibilities/ Lord Adonis to Lord Judd
    EO suggestions for updating the draft guidance
    Report of consultation meeting EO/DCSF August 2008
    Correspondence between EO and the Forced Marriage Unit, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
    Correspondence between MP and Education Otherwise
  3. No One Written Off DWP consultation October 2008
    response from Education Otherwise Government Policy Group
    response from Education Otherwise Disability Group
  4. Lone Parents off Income Support SSAC consultation June 2008
  5. Isle of Man Home Educators' Response to Draft Education Bill 2008

Archived Consultations 2007: EO Responses

  1. Definition of Full Time Education. Closed February
  2. Positive Leisure Activities. Closed March.
  3. Skills Strategy Equality Impact Assessment. Closed April
  4. Revised Exclusions Guidance. Closed May.
  5. Attendance Targets. Closed May.
  6. Schools, Early Years and 14-16 Funding. Closed June.
  7. Raising Expectations (compulsory school leaving age). Closed June.
  8. Community Cohesion (extended schools facilities for wider community). Closed July.
  9. Contactpoint draft guidance. Closed July
  10. Home Education Guidelines for Local Authorities. Closed July.
  11. Gloucester Wellbeing Consultation (joint consultation response with EO Disability Group) September 2007
  12. QCA questionnaire on curriculum reform September 2007
  13. Cabinet Office consultation on better consultation practice September 2007
  14. Raising Standards, Improving Outcomes EO Government Policy Group consultation response September 2007
  15. Raising Standards, Improving Outcomes EO Disability Group consultation response September 2007
  16. Consultation on the definition of an independent school October 2007
  17. Department of Work and Pensions consultation on moving lone parents off Jobseeker's Allowance October 2007

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Home Education for Teenagers

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The DCSF thinks school is the best place for children.
Here at Education Otherwise Campaign Website,
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