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Making Contact with Your Local Radio Stations

It's often easier to get your local Radio Station to cover a news item than it is your local paper.

Most local Radio Stations advertise their contact numbers on air on a regular basis. Again they can be found via the web.

If you want a local paper to print a story they will probably want something visual which they can photograph and can help to sell your story. Radio News is not visual and they pitch their news items to a 'listener' so it has to be short, snappy and make an impact.

If you live in an area where they have a BBC Radio Station you are very fortunate, because the BBC like to explore diversity in their communities. If you can get a local radio journalist to bite they may well take the idea forward to one of their programme editors, and they might even decide to make a programme out of your idea.

If you have one of the Media UK Stations or a similar broadcasting network they may not have the depth that the BBC Radio Stations have, but they do like to cover things in their own backyard. So if you are making the news they will more than likely air the item. Radio Stations want to keep people informed about their local communities and what is happening in their own backyard. Radio Stations often sponsor community based awards. It helps their listeners to feel included and gives them a sense of ownership.

So if you decide to raise awareness by planting some bulbs, because Home Education is about growing and learning, local radio can do something with this and will probably rally to the cause. People like to hear happy giggling children in the background. It makes them feel good and it's helping them to record the event in their head.

If you want to advertise an event they sometimes offer to do a telephone interview with you, which are usually recorded. The reporter will usually tell you the kind of questions that they are going to ask, this is really helpful because it allows you time to think. They will ask if they can do the interview with you 'now' or can they call back at a later time. Set a time that suits you and allows you time to think about the message you are trying to send out to listeners.

Remember the

Why - and
When - rule

and you will again cover all basis. When the Station call you back you can then answer with confidence.

Don't be disappointed if you only get sixty seconds of air time. Sixty seconds can make an impact and they usually take several sound bites from your interview and send them out at different times. This means that you are getting more than sixty seconds of coverage.

Once you get your name known at a Radio Station they often ring you and ask you to comment on an item making the news, local or national, which they feel that you can offer a comment on.

Example when the Ruth Kelly Story broke that was an opportunity for these Stations to contact interested parties and air their views. SEN groups took full advantage of this news story to get their own point across.

If it ever reaches a point when Home Educators decide to make a protest or hold a rally or march then your local Radio Station will be marching right alongside of you.

I was once contacted by my one of my Local TV News Stations to go and stand in an empty street that was covered in a large blanket of snow. It was the day after New Years Day and they had no News. It was the weather that was making the News and they needed an angle to cover the weather. At the time I was involved in fighting a mast campaign and over a period of two years had made local tv news on many ocassions.

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