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This is an explanatory link about the Netmums site.

MP Caroline Flint joined the site to gather views about the DWP proposals.

Netmums have a survey on their website which may appear still to be open but we have been informed that it closed on October 21st.

EO has told DWP that members fear their survey responses will NOT be forwarded to the Department and we are therefore advising members to paste the questions into the body of an email or document, type in their answers and send them to the consultation address before the deadline of October 31st.

There are multiple choice answers which sort of give the game away, but here are the questions:

  1. In your opinion, in general, which is the ideal age for a child to be when their mother returns to work?
  2. Are you in employment at the moment?
  3. Whether you are employed or not, is there anything that would make a difference to how you feel about your working life at the moment? (tick all those that apply)
  4. If you are not working at the moment, what are the reasons? (Tick as many as apply)]
  5. The Government thinks single parents on benefits should go back to work when their youngest child reaches the age of 12. Do you agree?
  6. And what about when their/your youngest child reaches the age of 7?
  7. Please tell us your views on whether / when single parents should not be able to claim income support on the basis that they are single. What is your story?
  8. Are you...
    Married/living with a partner
    Now living with a partner, but was single when I first had children
    Single since first having children
    Now single, but I was living with a partner when I first had children
  9. How many children do you have?
  10. How old is your YOUNGEST child?
  11. Where do you live?
  12. (Q for single parents only) If you are or were single, please answer the next 3 questions, if not GO TO QUESTION 15
    If you are single and living in England / Wales, have you spoken to anyone about the New Deal for Lone Parents?
  13. If you answered yes to Q12, please tell us whether this helped you, and what further help they could perhaps have given you that would have made more of a difference
  14. How important is it that single parents should work, in your view.
  15. Please tell us your email address if you don't mind. This will NOT be passed on to the Government or anyone else.
NB You can also email the Department of Work and Pensions directly with your views on these proposals, including any feedback from home educated children. The address is welfare.reform@dwp.gsi.gov.uk and there is more information here.

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