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Page last updated April 2010 The Government's attempts to change the law on home education in England have not survived the wash-up
The law remains unchanged
For more information please see here and here


The Government tried to change the law on home education in England by means of the Children Schools and Families Bill. Under the proposed new scheme all home educators would have been required get their home education approved and registered by the local authority. In all cases where home education was not registered, the child would have been compelled to go to school.

The home education clause was the most controversial in the Children Schools and Families Bill.

The past year has seen regular constituency meetings with MPs, a nationwide series of not-back-to-school picnics, a mass lobby of parliament, Briefing Events in the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and the formation of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Home Education. 331 constituencies returned petitions against the proposed legislation on home education, culminating in a mass presentation of petitions to Parliament on 8th December which can be read in Handsard . In October, a Briefing Event was held for Members of Parliament. Hundreds of MPs have now met with home educators both in their constituencies and at Westminster.

Many home educators also wrote to peers in advance of the Bill reaching the House of Lords. In addition a Briefing Event was hosted for members of the House of Lords by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Home Education.

A note about the General Election 2010 and after

The General Election will take place on May 6th.

Parliament will continue until the Summer recess at the end of the third week of July During the recess, new MPs will be found in their constituencies much more frequently than during the Autumn when they return to Westminster at the start of the new parliamentary year in the second week of October.

September would be a good time to invite your new MP to a local home education group.

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