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Making Contact

Why Deal with the Press?

If you are unsure of the wisdom - or indeed the need - to deal with the Press, or if this will be the first time your or your group have had dealings with them, then we suggest you read our article "Building a Relationship with the Press - Why Do We Need To?".

For guidance on dealing with specifi media, read our TV Guide or our Radio Guide.

How Do I Contact the Press?

Next, you need to identify WHO your local press are. Read our Local Press guide for details on how to go about this, and guidance on building a relationship with them.

There are a number of websites that can help you make contact: browse through the following to pick out the most suitable publications for you to approach:


British Media Online



Daily Newspapers
Click on the newspaper banners on the left hand side of the page to find links to the main national newspapers. As soon as you click on a link it opens in the main section of the Daily Newspaper Home Page to the right of the column of links, which means you can navigate directly from one page to another link without going back to the Home Search page. Click on any item in the blue column second left to find a link to eg BBC Radio 4. Please note that if any links are not live they should nevertheless include a redirect to the appropriate page eg if you click on The Ecologist link you get a redirect from that link to The Ecologist Home Page.


Press Releases

If you wish to try your hand at press releases, again there are a number of sites out there that can help you:.

Guidance on how to write a press release

Sites that will distribute your press release for you:

Press Box

Press Editor

PR Web

What is Newsworthy?

Next, you'll need some ideas on just how to do something "newsworthy"! Visit our Ideas page for some ideas to get you started.

Need More Help?

Jayne Roscamp, EO Local Contact for Rotherham, has this advice:
"My family has featured on the Politics Show BBC One; Look North Local News on BBC One; Radio Sheffield and The Star newspaper (two page feature on home education November 2006 with interviews and photographs). I have learned that when you are in the media spotlight - Assume they know nothing about home education.

Whether this be the man in Tesco who asks about whether they do the National Curriculum, or the journalist asking if you are doing it to shield them from the harsh realities of modern life.

The man/woman/child in the street knows nothing and everything we have to say about home ed in the media, in my opinion needs to start with things like Home ed is a legal option,we are within our rights to home educate our own children, you know you really don't have to be a teacher..... .blah.blah, blah; it is tired and jaded for us, but a brand new idea to some people.

Also if you do local radio as I did it may be live streaming so the key for me was, being very calm and considered so as not to say something silly or rash. I also had to think about getting my points across clearly in a short time.

Food for Thought:
Home Education for Teenagers

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