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Making Contact with your Local Newspapers

Making contact with your local press is actually very easy, especially if you have the internet. Just type their name into a search engine and you will find their contact details on their site - or use one of the sites listed on our Media page. If you do not have internet access it's still quite easy to find their details. Just by buying a copy of your local paper you can usually find the contact details which you will need for your first point of contact and to speak to them on the phone.

It's a good idea when you make this first contact to being by asking them who you will need to speak to. These days many of our papers have community reporters and they will be assigned to different areas. Even for Home Education you may well find yourself speaking to their Educational Correspondent. Don't let that put you off all they are interested in is a good story and not the fact that you home educate, it can be a really good ice breaker because they are usually really interested in what you are doing.

Writing down what you want to say to them in advance is always a good idea. This is especially helpful if you have never spoken to the press before. Be very clear about why you are contacting them and what you want.

The information they will require usually centres on:

When? and

If you can remember this when you are writing down what you want to say you will probably find that you have covered everything.

They may be happy to take some information from you while you are on the phone if it's just a small insert that you are looking for. If it's something bigger they will probably want something in writing and may ask for a Press Release. Do not let this put you off. Take a look at our sample Press Release. You can either use this as your format or adapt it to meet your requirements.

If they are really keen they may well ask to meet up with you and some of your fellow home educators. Just in case they do ask to meet with you try and find those who would be willing to meet up with the reporter in advance it saves time.

Most papers you will require a 'hook'; by hook we mean something that grabs their interest. At the moment we are hoping to raise the profile around Home Education so if you can find a 'feel good factor' or 'human interest' angle they will usually buy into this. Maybe your group can organise an event that the press would be interested in. See our lists of ideas for grabbing the Medias attention. We are sure that you will be ale to think of something that you can arrange.

When you have met with the press or they have covered an event and hopefully taken a photograph. Papers are more likely to be interested if there is a photo opportunity. But the photograph will need to be interesting. It is always a good idea to ask for a copy of the text of the article before it appears in the paper. If they are unwilling to do this then ask for a verbal account of the text, which they can give to you over the phone. By doing this you can stop anything from appearing in print that you may not be happy with.

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