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Useful Links

Useful Links

The views expressed in sites linked here are not necessarily those of Education Otherwise

Education Otherwise is a UK-based membership organisation which provides support and information for families whose children are being educated outside school, and for those who wish to uphold the freedom of families to take proper responsibility for the education of their children. Membership provides a large number of benefits and we would strongly recommend that you consider joining them. A useful range of HE Books can also be found on the Education Otherwise site.

IPSEA is a volunteer-based organisation and many of the volunteers are themselves parents of children with special educational needs. IPSEA can provide: free independent advice; free advice on appealing to the Special Educational Needs Tribunal, including representation when needed; free second professional opinions.

Action on Rights for Children (ARCH) is an internet-based children’s rights organisation with a particular focus on civil rights. They support equality, choice, respect and privacy for all children and young people.

The Home Educated Youth Council HEYC aim to be an independent voice for home educated young people, seeking to defend the rights of home educated children and young adults in the UK.

Home-Education: Aims, Practices and Outcomes is the published paper from Paula Rothermel, of the University of Durham, produced in 2002. This research explored the aims and practices of home-educating families from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. The methodology involved a questionnaire survey completed by 419 home-educating families and 196 assessments evaluating the psychosocial and academic development of home-educated children aged eleven years and under. The aim was to gain an understanding of children's education outside school. This was the first UK study involving home-educated children and their families, using diverse methodologies, broad aims and large sample.

HE-Special-UK is a site for families who Home Educate children with Special Educational Needs. The site contains useful Home Education information, as well as information about dyslexia, aspergers, and other SEN HE issues.

The National Autistic Society "exists to champion the rights and interests of all people with autism and to ensure that they and their families receive quality services appropriate to their needs." Their website includes information about autism and Asperger syndrome, the NAS and its services and activities.

Kidscape is the first charity in the UK established specifically to prevent bullying and child sexual abuse. Kidscape believes that protecting children from harm is key. Kidscape works UK-wide to provide individuals and organisations with practical skills and resources necessary to keep children safe from harm. The Kidscape staff equips vulnerable children with practical non-threatening knowledge and skills in how to keep themselves safe and reduce the likelihood of future harm. Kidscape works with children and young people under the age of 16, their parents/carers, and those who work with them.

Home Education in the UK explains some of the reasons that people are choosing home education, with suggestions about how to get started and links to resources and legal information. There are plenty of articles to read about various aspects of home education, and also about parenting in general, as well as socialising. An excellent site

Alliance for Childhood serves as a network that facilitates reflection and action by people with concerns about the care and education of children.

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