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Page last updated April 2010

The Government's attempts to change the law on home education in England have not survived the wash-up. The law remains unchanged. For more information please see here and here

1. Keep checking the Latest page for new developments.

You can now sign up for automatic email notification of updates to the latest page. Alternatively you can subscribe to our news feed by clicking on the rss button.

2. Keep an Eye on the Local and National Media

Eg via British Media Online. Please alert us to any coverage you become aware of. Where there are "comment" lists it is really important that we ensure our views are put across.

We can also use these opportunities to inform and educate the public about what we do, why we do it and how terrific our children and young people are!

3. Keep in Touch With Your MP

It is very easy to write to your MP using Write to Them. You simply type your postcode in the box and you are automatically re-directed to the mailbox for your constituency MP via the House of Commons. You can also use this service to get in touch with your local councillor or MEP. It is very useful to visit the MP's constituency surgery. Try putting the MP's name and the word "surgery" into google to find dates and times. It is worth phoning or emailing in advance to arrange an appointment with a brief indication of what you want to discuss.

4. Raise the Profile of Home Education in Your Community

You can also get involved by raising the profile of home education within your local community. Visit our Media section for more details on how this can be done. You can also get your local MPs and Councillors involved - many of them have no understanding of the issues surrounding home education - its time we educated them! If you are part of a local group or network, you may wish to consider some of our ideas for getting "noticed" and involved in your wider community.

Food for Thought:
Home Education for Teenagers

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The DCSF thinks school is the best place for children.
Here at Education Otherwise Campaign Website,
we beg to differ

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