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Freedom for Children to Grow


The Law Relating to
Home Education

What Your Local Authority
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Councillors Can Do For You

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The Home Education Campaign

This campaign site was launched in February 2007 by former members of Education Otherwise Government Policy Group.

During 2009-2010, the Government tried to change the law on home education. The proposed legislation was widely acknowledged to be defective, ill-judged and inappropriate. It was thrown out in the wash-up preceding the dissolution of Parliament. Read more here and here.

See our Latest page for an archive of our policy work.

Fiona Nicholson is now working at Ed Yourself, the Home Education Consultancy.

Hands Up 4 Home Ed
A Voice for the Children

Food for Thought:
Home Education for Teenagers

In the News

The DCSF thinks school is the best place for children.
Here at the Campaign Website,
we beg to differ

Iris Harrison's
HE Diary

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