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Hands Up 4 Home Ed

"Hands Up 4 Home Ed" is asking every child to do an outline of their hands and decorate it with their first name on each palm. On that beautiful pair of hands, they are asked to write a wish for their lives, for their home education, putting family first. Visit their website for further information on how your child can take part. Your group could hold a craft event and get the kids together to make their "hands". Perhaps you could present copies of them to your local MP, as a "petition" or statement from the children. Would you consider taking part in a national undertaking to visit Downing Street with your "hands"? Get in contact with the organiser and share your ideas.

Local Events

Most local papers will consider covering a story about a local group doing something for the community. A glance through your local paper will show you lots of photos of schools taking part in national events, coverage of plays, cleaning up the local park etc.

National Events

Taking part in something like The Big Draw is an ideal way for your local group to raise its profile. All of these events have a free pack you can send for, together with an ideas website. Come up with something creative, and make a splash! Here are just some of the things you could consider organising an event for:

Food Aid Jeans for Genes Day
The Big Draw
World Carfree Day
European Day of Languages
National Poetry Day
UNICEF Day for Change 2008

Click here for more "days" that you can celebrate.

Keep your eye on your local paper - are they running any local iniatives? Any local famous people/events, that you can organise a project around?

Your local authority's website is a good place for ideas - find the section on their Clean Up the Community section and see how your group can volunteer to clear a local area of common land. Or contact one of the many environmental organisations and get together to clear up a river bank, or plant some trees.

The Woodland Trust are happy to send their Tree Packs to HE groups - register as a Youth Group and then contact your local council for ideas on where you can plant them to benefit the community. Perhaps you have a local children's hospital or hospice who could benefit?

Then you need to make sure your activity is covered. Our Media page has a wealth of information on how to go about this, including guides on how to contact the different media.

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Home Education for Teenagers

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