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Expert Reference Group - Terms of reference

This information has been provided by the Review Team.


The independent review of home education will gather, analyse and interpret a wide range of evidence before it reaches any conclusions and makes recommendations to Ministers.  It is imperative that the process is supported by a range of experts to ensure recommendations are rigorous and firmly rooted in evidence.    

Role and remit  

The Group will act as a ‘critical friend’ to the Review team.  It will be used to cross check the interpretation of evidence and gain expert insight into key issues, such as the operation of current processes and practice within LAs; child development and the outcomes of home educated children; and child protection for example.   It will also act as a sounding board for emerging findings and recommendations, ensuring they are based on firm evidence, are workable and will actively improve outcomes for children.  

The group will not be asked to comment on drafts of the review report but may be invited to check specific parts of it, for example, aspects of the report that are pertinent to their area of expertise. 

Input required 

We anticipate that the Group will meet approximately three times during the course of the review (January – May 2009), with meetings of approximately 1-1.5hrs.  Travel expenses will be paid. 

Expert Group Reps 

Area Details
Early Years, home learning environment, child development Professor Ted Melhuish, Birkbeck, University of London
Education / curriculum Mick Waters – Director of Curriculum, QCA 
Child protection / 3rd Sector Delroy Pommell, Director, London and the South East, Barnardos
Safeguarding Steve Hart, (HMI, Ofsted)
SEN Jean Humphreys (HMI, Ofsted)
3rd Sector Paul Ennals – Chief Executive, NCB
ICT / future technologies Professor Steve Heppell, Trustee of NotSchool.net
Children’s rights Sue Berelowitz, Chief Executive, 11 Million
Safeguarding Professor June Statham, Institute of Education
Education Professor James Conroy, Dean of Faculty of Education, University of Glasgow
SEN Beth Reid, National Autistic Society

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