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Home Education in the Headlines 2006-8

We Lock Our Kids Away From Society in Schools ... Prisoners of the System
By Jonny Greatrex, Sunday Mercury (Birmingham). Published Sunday 13th July 2008
A CHILD'S school days stay with them forever - whether it is a loathing of double maths or a love of experiments in the science lab. But an increasing number of Midland children are being kept out of the state system and taught at home by one or both parents. [Read more..]

Why school's out for the home educators
By Jane Cartledge, The Star (Sheffield). Published 3rd July 2008
More and more parents are choosing not to send their children to school. Jane Cartledge met two mums who, for different reasons, educate their children themselves. Alison Blaine had never thought about home educating her children until she picked up a copy of Good Housekeeping. In the turn of a page all her problems had an answer.[Read more..]

More families opt to teach kids at home
By Rosemary Davenport, Lincolnshire Echo. Published: 26th June 2008
More and more families across Lincolshire are choosing to educate their children at home, new figures reveal. [Read more..]

Success for Milton Keynes Colleage students
Citizen Reporter, Milton Keynes Citizen. Published 10th June 2008
An inspirational student has overcome dyspraxia, beaten the bullies and won the prestigious Student of the Year 2008 award at Milton Keynes College. Matthew, aged 18, was home educated at secondary level after a challenging time at school. [Read more..]

Schools Out, For Ever
By Dave Hill, Guardian. Published Saturday 14th April 2007
You don't have to be rich or a hippie to educate your children at home. Spurred on by fears over standards, more and more parents are abandoning the school system. Dave Hill meets a family of home educators. [Read more..]

We All Taught Our Children At Home
By Hilary Douglas, Education Editor, Sunday Express. Published Sunday 4th March 2007
Disallusioned parents tell why they have abandoned 'one size fits all" state education to give their offspring a better start in life.[Download pdf scanned copy of the article and "Opinion"]

A happy, fulfilled life free of school"
The Times. Published 24th February 2007
"We went into home education because official education had failed us; we are staying in home education because itís absolutely great. Negatives have become positives. My older boy, Joseph, has been home-schooled for three years; he will be 13 in April" so writes the Times' Chief Sportswriter. [Read more..]

Home schooling numbers uncertain
BBC News website. Published 23rd February 2007
An attempt to find out how many children in England are being educated at home suggests the number might range between 7,400 and 34,400. [Read more..]

Home schooling
By Claire Price, BBC "Where I Live": Dorset - Features - Around Dorset. Published 26 January 2007
Why are over a hundred Bournemouth families teaching their children at home? BBC Dorset investigates the growing trend for home schooling among families here in the county - and discovers that they're hardly at home at all. [Read more..]

Sharp increase in home education
BBC News, Scotland. Published 13 November 2006
The number of children withdrawn from school to be educated at home has increased by 39% in one year. [Read more..]

Feature on Home Education
Sheffield Star, 10th November 2006
Read a series of articles on families in Sheffield successfully home educating.[Download full articles]

Yorks and Lincs: Home grown learning
By Len Tingle, Political Editor, BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Published 14 September 2006
Most of Britain's children have been back at school for a good week or two. But for a growing number of parents and youngsters, the concept of school holidays has become meaningless. They are the families who have decided to by-pass the school system and educate their children at home.[Read more..]

Too Cool for School
By Caroline Scott, Sunday Times. Published 2nd July 2006
Across Britain, thousands of children are skipping the classroom altogether. They study whatever they like, they only take exams if they feel like it ó and they have the full blessing of their parents and the law. When the school system fails, is home education the answer? [Read more..] £££

Lessons in my lounge!
By Amy, 10, Isle of Wight - BBC Newsround Press Packer. Published Thursday January 05 2006
Most of you go to school but thousands of you don't - you're taught at home by your parents. Press Packer Amy gets taught at home and in her report she tells us what she enjoys about it. [Read more..]

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