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DCSF Consultation 1569 closing on October 24th 2008

10 minute email focusing on SEN

This "10 minute email" looks at the "suitable education" consultation from the point of view of special educational needs. If you would like to use this as inspiration or starting point for your own email to the consultation unit, please remember to take the THEMES from this sample mail and customise it to your own family's particular circumstances.

It is particularly important not to copy and paste entire phrases.

To: CME.CONSULTATION@dcsf.gsi.gov.uk

My son is autistic and the school couldn't cope with him or give him the kind of education he needs. He was desperately unhappy and felt a complete failure. He was also ill from stress constantly with one infection or allergy flare-up after another. Since he always learned so much more in the holidays as well as being much healthier , I finally realised I could do a much better job educating him myself and he has improved beyond belief since I took him out.

The problem I have is that the people down at the local authority don't seem to believe I can provide my son with a suitable education at home because I'm not a qualified teacher and because I am concentrating on building his confidence rather than making him produce reams of written work. I feel constantly threatened and undermined and my son is highly anxious about being forced back into school. His stress-related physical symptoms are getting worse again.

Up till now I have been able to reassure my son that the law is on our side because I am providing education suitable to his age ability aptitude and SEN but in the new guidance you don't make it at all clear that this is what "suitable education" means.

If this Government wants to promote the 5 outcomes of Every Child Matters then it needs to listen more to families. I can't cope with answering all your consultation questions but I just felt I had to let you know how the proposed new guidance is affecting me and my son.

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